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Terms in Stocks

Accelerated Share Repurchase (ASR)

An accelerated share repurchase (ASR) is a strategy used by a company to buy back its own shares quickly by using an investment bank as a go-between. read more

Adding to a Loser and Example

When an investor increases a position in an asset heading in the opposite direction than what the investor desires it is called adding to a loser. read more

Adjusted Closing Price

The adjusted closing price amends a stock's closing price to reflect that stock's value after accounting for any corporate actions. read more

Aftermarket Performance and Example

Aftermarket performance is the variation in the price level of a newly issued stock during a period after its initial public offering (IPO). read more

Aged Fail and Example

An aged fail is a transaction between two broker-dealers that has not been settled within 30 days of the trade date.  read more

All-Holders Rule

"All-holders rule” refers to a regulation stating that any tender offer must be made to all shareholders within a particular class of shares. read more


An allotment commonly refers to the allocation of shares granted to a participating underwriting firm during an initial public offering (IPO). read more

Alphabet Stock

An alphabet stock is an equity share that is tied to a specific subsidiary of a corporation.  read more

Amazon Effect

The Amazon effect refers to the ongoing evolution and disruption of the offline retail market resulting from an increase in e-commerce activities read more

Analyst Expectation

An analyst expectation is a report indicating how a particular company's stock will perform in the coming quarter.  read more

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