Fundamental Analysis

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Terms in Fundamental Analysis


A 10-K is a comprehensive report filed annually by a publicly traded company about its financial performance and is required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). read more

Aggregate Risk

Aggregate risk is the amount of an institution or investor's exposure to foreign exchange counterparty risk from a single client.  read more

Analysis Of Variances (ANOVA)

Analysis of variances (ANOVA) is a statistical examination of the differences between all of the variables used in an experiment.  read more

Analyst Meeting

An analyst meeting is an annual event hosted by public companies to help them share valuable information with security analyst and strategist. read more

Average Qualitative Opinion (AQO)

Average Qualitative Opinion (AQO) summarizes investment analysts' ratings for a particular security. It is often expressed numerically. read more

Asset Performance

Asset performance refers to a business's ability to take operational resources, manage them, and produce profitable returns. read more

Average Selling Price (ASP) Defintion

An average selling price is the price at which a certain class of good or service is typically sold. read more

Bellwether Stock

A bellwether stock is believed to be a leading indicator of the direction of the economy or the market as a whole. Learn more about these stocks and how they work. read more

Bond Ratio

A bond ratio is a financial ratio that expresses the leverage of a bond issuer.  read more

Book Value Per Common Share - BVPS

Book value per common share (BVPS) derives a company's book value on a per-share basis. read more

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