Investing Essentials

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Terms in Investing Essentials

Asset Allocation Fund

An asset allocation fund is a fund that provides investors with a diversified portfolio of investments across various asset classes.  read more

Average Annual Return (AAR)

The average annual return (AAR) measures the money made or lost by a mutual fund. Read about AAR and how to choose the best mutual fund investment. read more

Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS)

The Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) moves securities from one brokerage to another. read more

Accredited Investor

An accredited investor has the financial sophistication and capacity to take the high-risk, high-reward path of investing in unregistered securities sans certain protections of the SEC. read more

Accrual Rate

Accrual rate refers to the rate of interest that is added to the principal of a financial instrument between cash payments of that interest.  read more

Accumulated Dividend

An accumulated dividend is a dividend on a share of cumulative preferred stock that has not yet been paid to the shareholder. read more


Accumulation means increasing the size of a position. It can also refer to an asset that is heavily bought and to the growth of a portfolio over time. read more

Accumulation Period

An accumulation period is the phase in an investor's life when they build up their savings and investment portfolio to save for retirement.  read more

Adjustment Index Defintition

An adjustment index is a formula or numerical value that is used to modify or improve a data set. read more

Affirmative Covenant

An affirmative covenant is a type of promise or contract that requires a party to adhere to certain terms. read more

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