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Terms in Trading

100% Equities Strategy

A 100% equities strategy is a strategy commonly adopted by pooled funds, such as a mutual fund, that allocates all investable cash solely to stocks. read more

130-30 Strategy

The 130-30 strategy is a strategy that uses financial leverage by shorting poor-performing stocks and purchasing alternate shares that are expected to have high returns. read more

52-Week Range

The 52-week range shows the lowest and highest price at which a stock has traded at in the previous 52 weeks. read more

52-Week High/Low

The 52-week high/low is the highest and lowest price at which a security, such as a stock, has traded during the time period that equates to one year. read more

ABA Bank Index

The ABA Bank Index provides investors exposure to community banks and banking institutions through an index created to represent small banks. read more


Abandonment is the act of surrendering a claim to, or interest in, a particular asset, or allowing an options contract to expire unexercised. read more

Absolute Breadth Index (ABI)

The Absolute Breadth Index (ABI) is a market indicator used to determine volatility levels in the market without factoring in price direction. read more

Above the Market

"Above the market" refers to an order to buy or sell at a price higher than the current market price. read more

Automated Bond System (ABS)

The Automated Bond System (ABS) was an early electronic bond-trading platform used by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from 1977-2007. read more

Absolute Return Index

The absolute return index is used to compare the absolute returns posted by the hedge fund market, as a whole, against individual hedge funds. read more

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