Private Equity and Venture Cap

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Terms in Private Equity and Venture Cap

A Round Financing

Startups typically seek A round financing when they pursue the next level of funding after seed capital. read more

Adventure Capitalist Defined

The term "adventure capitalist" is colloquially used to describe venture capital (VC) investors who have particularly high risk tolerances. read more

Angel Investor

An angel investor is usually a high-net-worth individual who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs, usually in exchange for ownership equity. read more


An archangel is an angel investor who's gone through numerous high-profile, successful exits. read more

Committed Capital

Committed capital is the money that an investor has agreed to contribute to an investment fund. read more

Crammed Down

Crammed down mainly refers to a dilutive venture capital (VC) financing round or the imposition of a bankruptcy reorganization plan by the court. read more

Deal Flow

Deal flow describes the rate business proposals and investment pitches are received by financiers such as investment bankers and venture capitalists. read more

Death Valley Curve

The death valley curve describes the period in the life of a startup in which it has begun operations but has not yet generated revenue. read more

Diluted Founders

Diluted founders is a term often used by venture capitalists (VCs) to describe the founders of a startup gradually losing ownership of their company. read more

Dilution Protection

Dilution protection is a provision that seeks to protect shareholders and early investors in a company from a decrease in their ownership position. read more

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