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Terms in Markets

Acceptance Market

An acceptance market is based on short-term credit instruments typically used by exporters who prefer to get paid faster for their exported goods. read more

Across the Board

Across the board is a term used by stock market watchers to describe a clear trend in which most stocks and sectors move in the same direction. read more


The term actionable refers to a directive or strategy that can be accomplished in the near future. read more

Affidavit of Loss

An affidavit of loss is a document declaring that a security certificate has been lost or destroyed. read more

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)

The Alberta Investment Management Corporation is a government-owned investment-management corporation headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. read more

Allocational Efficiency

Allocational efficiency is a characteristic of an efficient market where capital is assigned in a way that is most beneficial to the parties involved. read more

Auction Market

An auction market is where buyers and sellers enter competitive offers simultaneously; matching bids and offers are paired together and executed. read more

Backing Away

Backing away is failure by a market maker in a security to honor the quoted bid and ask prices for a minimum quantity.  read more

Black Swan : Events & Theories

A black swan is an event that is rare, very important, and is both difficult to have predicted but is considered obvious in hindsight. read more


A blockholder is the owner of a large block of a company's shares and/or bonds.  read more

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