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Terms in Commodities

Agroforestry Defined

Agroforestry is an approach to cultivating land in which trees and shrubs are integrated alongside agricultural crops and pastureland. read more

Backpricing Defined

Backpricing refers to entering into a commodities futures contract without first specifying the price at which the commodity will be purchased. read more

Bank for Cooperatives

The Bank for Cooperatives was a government-sponsored bank that provided credit to the agricultural sector. In 1989, eleven of the 13 Banks for Cooperatives merged to form CoBank. read more


A bounty is a generous amount of something or a sum paid by a government to reward certain activities or behavior in order to reach an economic goal. read more


A cartel is an organization created between a group of producers of a good or service to regulate supply in order to manipulate prices. read more


Commoditization is the process of making a good or service into a commodity and competing on price. read more

Commodity-Backed Bond

A commodity-backed bond is a type of bond whose value fluctuates based on the price of a specified commodity. read more

Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Defined

The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) is an American state-owned enterprise (SOE) that is tasked with supporting the domestic agricultural sector. read more

Commodity ETF

A commodity ETF is an exchange-traded fund that invests in physical commodities, such as agricultural goods, natural resources, and precious metals.  read more

Commodity Paper

Commodity paper is a loan which involves raw materials owned by the borrower serving as collateral to the note. read more

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