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FinTech news in General Catalyst category

Enterprise FinTech Payrails raised seed extension round of $14M

That was the disparity that led three payments engineers to found Payrails, a startup has developed a framework to build and operate more stable enterprise payment services. Enterprises and marketplaces that need to take and make payments across multiple geographies and products have typically relied on mix-and-match bags of third party services patched together by teams of engineers with some of their own code.

Digital Lending startup Spectral raised $23M led by Social Capital

Spectral, a credit risk assessment infrastructure web3 startup, has raised $23 million in a round led by General Catalyst and Social Capital, the company co-founder and CEO Sishir Varghese exclusively told journalist. The startup built an on-chain equivalent to a traditional FICO score, called the Multi-Asset Credit Risk Oracle (MACRO) Score, which allows users to check their on-chain scores through its platform. DeFi doesn’t have credit risk infrastructure, though, Varghese noted. The long-term vision for Spectral is to make credit scoring a publicly accessible network, Varghese said.

FinTech veterans back Metronome in its Series A round of $30M

While this is easier for customers, it has created headaches for many software, or SaaS, businesses that are not equipped with billing systems that can easily charge customers on a usage basis. Woody agrees, adding that Metronome can help companies that have built a new product that they want to get out into the market as quickly as possible.

Indian FinTechs and others raised $39B in 2021

Tiger Global, which has made over 50 investments in India this year, is currently conducting due diligence to back an additional nine startups in the country, according to a person familiar with the matter.