Family Finances

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Terms in Family Finances

ACCRA Cost Of Living Index (COLI)

The ACCRA Cost of Living Index provides a benchmark for comparing the cost of living across different geographic areas at the same time. read more

Financial Infidelity

Financial infidelity occurs when couples with combined finances lie to each other about money.  read more

G.I. Bill

The G.I. Bill refers to any U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs education benefits earned by veterans and their families. read more

Household Income

Household income, as defined by the Census Bureau, is the combined gross income of all people occupying the same housing unit, who are 15 years and older. read more

Immediate Family

The immediate family is usually defined as a person's smallest family unit, including parents, siblings, spouse, and children. read more

Means Test

A means test is a formula that qualifies an individual or household for assistance or other benefits. read more

Military Bank

A military bank is a financial institution that offers services tailored to members of the armed services. read more

Military Clause

A military clause is a provision in a residential lease that allows military personnel to break the lease if they are required to relocate. read more

Unemployment Income

Unemployment income is temporary income that governments provide to individuals who have lost their job through no fault of their own. read more

Unsatisfied Judgment Fund

Some states have an unsatisfied judgment fund which they use to cover damages from a motor vehicle accident when the responsible party cannot pay. read more