ENIAC Ventures

ENIAC Ventures

ENIAC Ventures is the first independent seed stage venture fund focused exclusively on the mobile software sector. ENIAC Ventures invests in high growth mobile startups identified through its network of established relationships in the sector. The firm takes a hands on approach and provides talented, driven entrepreneurs with on-the-ground management strategy and execution. The firm is led by Hadley Harris, Nihal Mehta, Vic Singh, and Tim Young. In October 2010, the firm announced that it raised $1.6 million in its first fund, which it will invest in $25,000 to $100,000 chunks over the next four to five years. Specific targeted sectors include, but are not limited to the following: Enterprise and consumer productivity applications, Interactive and casual gaming, Location based services, Mobile advertising, Mobile commerce, Mobile presence, Mobile analytics, Aggregation of services, Mobile virtual worlds, Near field communications, Payments and mobile banking, Rich media content delivery, and Mobile user interfaces.

Exits 48

Investments 228

Lead Investments 50


Seed Round - Nirvana Health

Nirvana Health7.5M USD

Series A - Propelo

Propelo12M USD

Series B - Embrace

Embrace45M USD

Seed Round - Peel

Peel5.3M USD

Series C - Iron Ox

Iron Ox53M USD

Series A - Level AI

Level AI13M USD

Seed Round - Givz

Givz3M USD

Series A - Cube Dev

Cube Dev16M USD

Seed Round - Nirvana Health

Nirvana Health4.2M USD

Series B - Briq

Briq30M USD


Feb 9th 21

Eniac Ventures V 125M USD

Jan 23rd 20

ENIAC Special Zeta 2.1M USD

Dec 10th 19

Eniac Special Epsilon 2M USD

Aug 8th 19

ENIAC Special Delta 1.9M USD

Apr 13th 17

Eniac Ventures IV 100M USD

Jan 20th 15

ENIAC Ventures III 55M USD

Sep 26th 13

ENIAC Ventures II 13M USD

Oct 1st 10

ENIAC Ventures I 1.6M USD





Consumer Internet



Developer Tools



Social Networks


Health & Hospital Services

Health IT





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